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C.E.O. Message

Assalam-o-Alaiqum Ladies and Gentlemen

Over last 6 months we as an organization are passionately involved in holding awareness meetings and seminars on Eating Disorder and Obesity. Through this period we experienced and felt your inquisitiveness and concerns. I can say one thing with certainty; all of you wanted to embrace a healthy life style. The feedback we received from you was very heart warming and provided further motivation and encouragement to my team and I.

It had only been recent that our Centre is fully operational. Our professional staff isdoing an excellent job in conductingcomprehensive assessments and providing targeted solution to each individual with Eating Disorder and/or Obesity. We take our clients feedback very seriously and that is our only measure of achievement and success.

In Pakistan, both adult and childhood Obesity is growing by endemic proportion. Contributing factors include high stress environment, higher academic and social expectations, easy availability of the convenience food, less physical activity, children spending more time on computer games, and poor eating habits. Our relationship with food had changed over decades both in its content and context.

Obesity seriously affects our physical and mental well-being. It is well known that Obesity contributes to Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Cancer, Arthritis, Sleep disturbance, Depression and much more. We are now facing the same issues that some western countries like USA faced about 20 years ago and now paying a very heavy price. Even with all the state of the art technology and hospitals, people are dying of Obesity at the rate never seen before. While you cannot determine the emotional loss to household, the cost is mounting at an enormous pace.

We will also be seeing the sheer effects of it in our own backyard and neighborhood unless we address this issue urgently. This will be huge problem to us as we will not have the same resources to manage it some of the other countries have.

Rainbow Eating Disorder Centre functions at various levels. At community level we create awareness with focus on prevention and embracing healthy life style. We calculate free BMIs (Body Mass Index) to the masses and provide free advice. On individual level we assess provide consultations of various types including Dietary,Medical, Psychological, and Psychiatric.

We see wide variety of clients including people suffering from Anorexia, Bulimia, and other Eating Disorders. Within Obesity category we have clients who suffer from medical, psychological, emotional and behavioural issues. Our treatment is very holistic, technologically driven, safe and highly evidence based. We utilize best practice guidelines implemented in USA and Australasia at affordable price. We also offer Day Treatment Program to some of our most complex clients.I believe my training and exposure to USA andNew Zealandwill add value to this highly growing problem.

Last but not the least, I take this opportunity to welcome you all in joining me in the fight against Obesity and Eating Disorder for the sake of our current and future generations.

Dr. Sohail Sheikh, MBBS; M.D. (USA)
President Rainbow Eating Disorder Centre


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