Rainbow eating Disorder

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Day Treatment Eating Disorder Program:

We offer the most comprehensive, holistic, integrative and intensive Day Treatment program reserved for complex and chronic clients suffering from Eating Disorder. The program stretches over 8 weeks. We utilize and implement the best practice guidelines used in Australaisa, USA and Europe. In the Day Treatment Program client primarily spends most of the day in the Centre where the assessments and treatments are carried out by the Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Dietitian and Medical Doctor. Various forms of Psychological therapies are administered to help change the cognition, behaviour, and attitude towards food, oneself and the families. The treatment is provided in a highly comfortable environment where the balance is placed on intensive treatment and relaxation. Lunch, tea and snacks are planned by our Dietitian after assessing the needs of each client.
Our Day Treatment Program provides the life changing experience to clients and the families. With strong and extensive professional support, clients gain confidence and apply skills at home and other places which they learnt during the treatment.
Since we are recovery focused, so take pride in providing after care support and service. The details will be provided upon inquiry.


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